Evangelism at Cutlerville East


We as a church seek to spread the gospel not only through the preaching of the Word on Sundays, but also by bringing our prayers and testimonies out into the community. Every year in the fall, our church takes part in a "prayer walk" through the neighborhood where we not only pray over the homes in the area, but also speak about God's love with our neighbors. Our Evangelism Committee also organizes worship services at local nursing homes and other facilities so that residents can participate in worship even if they are unable to attend church. To read about the ways that Cutlerville East is currently evangelizing in the community, check out our church calendar on our Events page.

Christian Education

Christian education is an important priority for evangelizing to our children at Cutlerville East. The church assists its members in sending their children to several Christian schools in the area, including:

Calvin Christian School
Dutton Christian School
Grandville Christian School
Legacy Christian School
Moline Christian School

High School

Calvin Christian High School
Grand Rapids South Christian High School
Grand Rapids Christian High School



Our church library has books, audio, and video for preschool through adult readers. It is open Sundays after each service.

Audio Ministry

Sermons are available on CD to all shut-ins and for personal study. The CDs are available in the library for "use and return" or purchase.

Prayer Line

Dial (616) 455-2233 for prayer needs of the congregation or subscribe by email. To add a need to the prayer line, please call us at (616) 455-0410 or submit a prayer request here.

Other Committees & Programs

Other committees dedicated to church health, evangelism, and outreach are:

Youth and Education Committee
Family Visitation Committee
Hospitality Committee
Prayer Ministry Committee
Worship Planning Committee
Christmas Food Drive Committee
Audio Visual Committee
Congregational Care Committee
Internet Communications Committee
Outreach Committee
Catering Committee
Audit Committee
Decorations Committee
Building and Grounds Committee
Bulletin Editor
Child Safety Committee
Communion Committee
Executive Committee
First Aid/Hospital Equipment Committee
Historical Committee
Security Committee